FALL In Love With You!

FALL In Love With You!

Fall is officially here!!!  It’s a beautiful time of year when Mother Nature transforms herself into bright bold colors everywhere with corresponding scents that are strong and passionate.  Although it all looks and smells lovely, it also serves a very important purpose. Nature is preparing for a long, cold winter so it produces one last harvest and then starts purging itself so it can survive the tough upcoming season. 

We as human should take Mother Nature’s advice and follow similar guidelines. Enjoy the beauty of fall by taking outdoors trips, making seasonal dishes and preparing your homes and bodies for winter.  Now is a great time to up your moisturizer game on your hair and skin to make sure it is soft and supple before the cold attacks it. And by using all natural, seasonal products you can enjoy the colors and scents of the season while bettering yourself- the definition of seasonal self love!  

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My favorite fall activities include Cooking and Baking

Vernice Derrickson

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