Make Time for You!

Make Time for You!

At Mimi's we have lots of products that are perfect for self care.  They allow you to treat your hair, body and spirit to new and different experiences that up lift and revitalize.  A lot time people say they love the way a product smells or feels but go on to say they just don't have time to use it- "That bath bomb smells amazing but I never have time for a bath."; "The body butter is soo moisturizing but I don't have time to apply it."; or "Those earrings are perfect for a date night, but we never have time to go on those."  

Though I understand that sometimes it seems 5 extra mins to run a bath rather than shower seems like 5 extra hours.  Or that an extra 2 minutes in the morning to rub in a body butter when you're running 10 minutes behind already is just too much.  And that date nights for parents who are already overwhelmed and exhausted just from daily chores just doesn't seem worth the effort.  But I am here to tell you that self care doesn't just take time, it can also give it back!  

Because 5 mins extra for a bath might be the time your mind needs to finally solve that problem at work that you have been worrying about for days.  2 extra minutes spent at night applying relaxing body butter might help you get to sleep 30 mins earlier and finally wake up after 1 snooze instead of 4! And a night out with someone you care about might resolve weeks of pent up emotions.  

I challenge you to take some time to work in self care, your care, YOU into your schedule and notice what a difference it makes in your life and those around you!  

Comment below if you agree or have an example you would like to share and I will send you a code for 10% off a purchase of self care 😍!


Photo Credit: @mchlangva

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