Take Time to Thank Yourself!

Take Time to Thank Yourself!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year!  In our family it is our biggest holiday.  My husband's and I's family all come to our house for the big day.  I spent a couple of days cooking and baking to have a feast large enough to feed everyone and tasty enough to get even the pickiest eater to try something.  My kids talk for weeks before and after about the food, family and fun.  And I make sure I tell everyone who comes and those that don't make it how grateful I am to have them in my life.


But you know who I don't thank- me!  Instead I run myself to the verge of breaking down.  I stand on my feet cooking until I literally must sit in a chair to finish my famous pies.  I coordinate a schedule that works so well for everyone else it darn near drives me crazy keeping up with.  And every time I think I'm taking a break for me, I find one more reason to help someone else. 


Not this year!  This year I am taking more time off at work so I can have more time to prepare.  I am going to create a schedule to use this extra time in advance, so I don't just waste it, but use it to provide me more down time.  And in that down time I am going to do all MY favorite things- read a book with a nice glass of red wine or hot tea; take a long bath full of bath bombs and natural soap; plan my favorite outfit with just the right jewelry accents and take time to admire some nice art, both pieces I have brought and the beautiful natural art God draws this time of year outdoors.  And lastly, I am going to add one more thing- create a list of things I am grateful for about ME!  I will then use this list to thank myself for just being ME during this wonderful time of year!






P.S. Tell me one thing you are thankful for about YOURSELF and I'll send you a discount code to the email or phone # you provide!



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