Classic Ball & Cup- Orange

Classic Ball & Cup- Orange

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This old fashioned game will never go out of style. You will find that little ones and adults alike will want to try their hand-eye-coordination and skill at this classic game. “Just one more try…” won’t be enough when it comes to playing with this traditional gem. Enjoy the simplicity of building fine motor skills, understanding physics, and fostering hand-eye coordination with this hours-of-fun, old-fashioned toy.

The ball and the cup are painted with a non-toxic plant based paint and then lightly sealed with a beeswax finish. 
wood, beeswax, string, paint

Handmade by Mama May i. All of my creations were made with your little one in mind. Each piece was designed to nurture child development through open-ended play. These pieces can be used to broaden your little one's understanding and knowledge of our world and were created as early educational toys. I am inspired by the teachings of Montessori; the natural beauty of Waldorf; and incorporate a myriad of other learning-through-play philosophies when I design. It makes me smile to see my made-with-love pieces being toted for use as preschool toys and in natural play settings. Thank you for helping me support little minds, bodies, and imaginations through engaging, hands-on play and discovery.  All rights reserved.