Curved No-Kill Hair Brush - Halal | Kosher | Vegan

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Your new wave brush is an amazing cruelty-free alternative to that dollar store boar hair wave brush you have sitting on your dresser collecting sadness and shame. We use sisal (Agave sisalanaI) plant fibers to offer you the stiffness you're used to from that cheap a$# boar hair x nylon brush your old man used while he was mackin' on your momma and em' at the 40-40 club while also providing you with fibers that help distribute your natural oils throughout your hair AND exfoliating that scalp and chin skin.

Wet Brush? Can be used in the shower; bristles will soften slightly to make for better hair training.

Stiffness: Medium Hard

Measurements: 5 inches x 2.5 inches 

P.S They kill boars to make that brush you use now.


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