Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Taming +

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Taming +

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Say bye to frizz and frustration when using our Anti-Frizz/ Hair Taming Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment. This awesome mold controls and manages coarse, thick or wavy hair textures. Make your mornings as smooth as your hair, with this heavenly vanilla, grapefruit scented cream by Yadain Cultural Solutions.

Product Highlights:

  • Control and manage hair
  • Mold & Tame your Hair
  • Reconstruct & Build
  • Increase Luster, Shine & Radiance


    • Carrot oil, jojoba oil,milk thistle,gogi berries,vitamin b12,powdered protein, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, coconut milk,olive oil,sandlewood essential oil,rosemary essential oil, caramel paste,avocado  powder,black molasses,raw honey,evaporated coconut oil

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