Lavender-Infused Facial Toner

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*As seen in the Sensitive to Normal Kit 2.0* 

Toner is a refresher for your skin that helps to keep it feeling & looking clean.
This skin-loving combination also helps to give the appearance of smaller pores & restore your skin’s PH balance.

Our toner is gentle, witch hazel infused with Organic Lavender. The organic lavender lends a fresh, all natural, light floral aroma along with a hint of purple coloring. 
It's naturally calming & soothing skin benefits combined with the  healing & oil-decreasing action of witch hazel, this is a match made in heaven. 

Toning is the last step in ensuring that your skin is completely clean, and it does so in a very gentle way.


Apply a small amount of toner onto a cotton round.
You want the cotton round to be moist, not soaking wet.

Gently swipe the toner over your face, focusing on problem and/or oily areas. (avoid the eye area)

Tip: Wipe over neck too. You’d be surprised to see how much dirt & oil go unnoticed there.

NOTE:  It's recommended to not use more than 2-3 cotton rounds per session, as over-doing this step may lead to irritation & dry skin.


Organic Lavender Infused Distilled Witch Hazel (containing 14% Natural Grain Alcohol), Organic Lavender Flowers. 


Handmade by AJA Naturals.  All Rights Reserved.

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