Fresh Feet Deodorizing Micellar Water Cleanser for Dry Skin

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Certified cruelty free micellar water cleanser for fresh and moisturized skin. 

Light, soft, and gentle vegan formula is low foaming and easy to rinse off. 

Net Wt. 1.8 oz/50 g

Our patent pending daily defense micellar water gel revives and refreshes not only dry skin but also tired and sweaty feet. How does micellar water work to tackle dry skin, foot fungus, and foot odor? Multi-tasking plant derived ingredients power this formula to rapidly deliver moisture, help control foot fungus, and neutralize foot odor. 

Use as leave in gel to freshen up on the go or use as a cleanser in shower or foot spa. Follow up with application of Foot Repair Treatment balm to retain moisture and condition feet.

Featuring a blend of best plant-based ingredients inspired by ancient Indian wisdom and those derived from contemporary technology to restore dry skin:

Sapindus Mukorossi Extract - naturally occurring cleanser with antimicrobial properties
Saccharomyces Ferment - naturally derived, helps neutralize odors
Aloe Vera - naturally derived, restorative grade that soothes and moisturizes
Glycerin - naturally derived, rapidly delivers moisture to skin

Key Benefits:

  • Unlike soaps and synthetic cleansers, does not leave behind residues that increase skin irritation and water loss
  • Suitable for problem skin e.g. atopic dermatitis
  • Unlike bar soaps, gives effective cleanse in hard water 
  • Helps maintain native skin pH and microbes thereby supporting skin barrier function to limit moisture loss and prevent infections
  • Suitable for feet sensitive to sun light due to repeated use of skin exfoliating enzymes and hydroxy acids
About Sanjeevita
Sanjeevita  in Sanskrit means rejuvenated. 
Rejuvenate skin and senses with holistic India-inspired natural body care by Sanjeevita.
We merge ancient Indian plant-based wisdom with a rigorous scientific approach championed by Dr Vaishali Ketkar, our Founder. 
We create safe, green products that work hard to restore, heal and protect the delicate skin on our feet. Our products are:


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