Roots Polish and Deep Moisturizing Hair Serum

Roots Polish and Deep Moisturizing Hair Serum

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Quickly transform the look and even the feel of your hair. Roots Polish and Deep Moisturizing Hair serum will seal in moisture and fill in follicular cracks in the hair shaft preventing breakage. If you don't have a lot of time to spare on your hair but still want to look effortlessly beautiful, Roots Hair Serum works also as a heat protectant all the while making styling your hair much easier. So, say "YES" to a quick fix for a great price.

Product Highlights:

  • Amla Herb
  • Basil Herb
  • Calendula Herb


Coconut oil,olive oil,shea oil,grapeseed oil,hemp oil,rosemary, nettle,amla herb,calendula herb,basil herb,lemon peel,blended caramel,dried avocado,raw organic honey,burdock root,licorice root,grape fruitseed extract,vitamin A,C,and E,essential citrus oil blends,bhringaraj powder,

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