Strawberry Felted Soap

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Before loofahs became common, people converted wool into felt to create soft, natural exfoliates. The merino wool we use is naturally antibacterial and does not retain dirt or odors, making it perfect for use in the bath and on the body.
Felt soap lasts 3 to 6 times longer than a typical soap bar of the same size because wool allows the lather to escape, but maintains the majority of the soap. Each signature bar comes with a complimentary soap saver to show our appreciation for your support.
To use, simply wet your new wool soap exactly as you would an ordinary bar of soap and rotate it in the palm of your hand until you reach your preferred lather. After your shower or bath, simply rinse under water and it is ready for the next use.

Our product acts as an all-in-one, as it behaves like your soap, loofah, and washcloth simultaneously.

When the soap is finished, a 100% merino wool pad is left that can be used as a facial exfoliate or perfumed with essential oils and placed in drawers as a sachet, a pillowcase as aromatherapy.

We are looking to partner with worthy causes that aligns with what is at the heart of FELT GOOD SOAP in creating a positive social and environmental impact in our world.
So, when you buy a bar of our felted soaps, say you did it because it FELT GOOD!

The soap comes in three sizes- Hand & Face, Standard and Deluxe.  The Deluxe size is actual two bars of standard size soap in a paper lantern with a LED candle to light the lantern.

Materials: Merino Wool, Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Almond Oil, Essential Oil

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