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Coca Butter Cashmere Soap

Coca Butter Cashmere Soap

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The only thing prettier than the glitter in this soap, is when that glitter hits your skin!! You need this beautiful soap that shines so bright and smells so smooth!

Size: 5.0oz 

Starfish soaps are made using a small batch, centuries-old cold process.  The cold process method uses natural ingredients like fats, oils, mica and lye water.  Unlike today's mass-produced cleansing bars with synthetic detergents that dry your skin, Starfish soaps are great for your skin.  Commercial soaps are hard, brittle and harsh.  The oils used in cold process soap feel more like lotion, penetrating the skin for maximum moisturization.   We use all natural oils, FDA approved fragrances and mica colorants.

Starfish Soaps is a very small local business (just Jeff and Donna Gaskill) located in Glenmoore, PA.


Handmade by Starfish Bath. All Rights Reserved.

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