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Juices & Berries Hair Tonic Spray

Juices & Berries Hair Tonic Spray

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Hydrating Herbal Leave-In 

WHAT IT IS: 100% natural tea-based hair tonic spray

WHAT IT DOES: helps condition & refresh hair, and stimulate the scalp

KEY INGREDIENTS: aloe vera, horsetail, and nettle


Don't let dry hair get you down! Try our 100% natural herbal hydration spray, to refresh and tone hair and scalp with this tea-based humectant tonic in one of three delicious scents.

And Juices & Berries has a juicy, fruity scent that will make your mouth water but never linger too long.

  • Tea of herbs known to help condition & stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth
  • Vegetable ingredients for detangling, moisture and suppleness
  • Essential oil blend nutritious to the scalp
  • Excellent for a daily pick-me-up on braids or twists
  • Keeps locs weightlessly moisturized without a trace of buildup
  • Naturally preserved
  • It's like a spa treatment for your hair, and is particularly excellent for low porosity hair types!

How to Use: 

For unbelievable hydration, mist hair with Juices & Berries herbal hydrating tonic before hopping into the shower. The steamy heat opens your cuticle, and the humectant ingredients encourage your hair to attract and hold that moisture. 


Aqueous infusion of horsetail, lavender, nettle, chamomile, & red rose petals; organic flax seeds; organic aloe leaf extract; vegetable glycerin; lavender oil, orange peel oil, grapefruit seed extract; citric acid, and love! Juices&Berries and Frank Juice varieties also include fragrance oil. :o)

Handmade by Oyin Handmade.  All Rights Reserved.

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